Monday, March 12, 2012

I Thought That Subject Was Closed Already

Today, I saw an article which noted that Family Radio acknowledged that their world-ending predictions last year were wrong and they have no interest in predicting any more dates.
Given the fact that the predicted judgement day was ten and a half months ago (May 21) and the predicted date for the end of the world was roughly four and a half months ago (October 21), and the amount of time that has elapsed since both those dates came and went without incident, I would've thought that subject would've gone cold by now and that there'd be no need to bring it up again. And yet, according to the article I found today, Harold Camping posted a letter on Thursday, which brought the subject up again.

I would also think that if Harold Camping and Family Radio were to acknowledge they were wrong, they would've done it shortly after October 21 when that date came and went without the world ending rather than wait over four months when people probably would've forgotten it by now.

Well, at least they did own up to their mistake, right? Why they waited so long to is beyond me, but hopefully, this sort of thing will never come up again and scare people like it had last year.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Possible Wedding Dress Alternative?

Yesterday I was checking out some of the discussion threads on a wedding-related website I've been visiting from time to time since shortly after I got engaged. One topic that caught my eye was one from someone who had no desire for a white wedding dress and wanted to look into other colors. This person also asked others if they had gotten married an a nonwhite dress.

My response to that was that I couldn't speak for myself, but in 2001, when my mom married my now stepdad, she wore a blue denim dress. I had also noted that the color scheme at the time was burgundy red and denim blue. I then asked the original poster (OP for short) if they considered going for a dress in one of whatever colors they may have picked out for their scheme.  While I never got an answer back on that one, while I was typing it, it did give me an idea.

As far as I know, I'm still going to opt for a white wedding dress (dress pattern) if I can find one that appeals to me and is affordable/obtainable. However, given that the color scheme that I have picked out for my eventual wedding is pink and dark blue (mine and my fiance's respective favorite colors), and I have a dark blue dress that I've worn twice so far (one time on Halloween and another when I had my fiance over for dinner), I've considered getting married in said dress as a last resort if I can't find a wedding dress or dress pattern (if I were to have a dress made) that I like and that is feasible to get. The only concerns I have for said dress is that 1) it's cut a bit lower in the neck and back than what I could wear in a church in good conscience which would mean I'd need to get a shawl or comparable item to compensate and 2) The dress appears to have been designed under the assumption that the wearer will be wearing high heels and/or have longer legs than I do as whenever I wear flat shoes or slippers with it, it tends to come to floor-length on me which makes it difficult to move around in without tripping in it, and therefore I'd need to either arrange to have it hemmed or plan on wearing high heels with it (which I don't wear most of the week) to compensate for length. But if I end up going with the blue dress, I might opt out having a regular white veil and figure out something else to wear on my head (such as a veil alternative in dark blue, or a wreath or maybe a tiara, like the one I got when I ran for Winter Homecoming Queen my freshman year of high school and got Second Attendant).

As a date for the wedding has yet to be set (since it's dependent on various factors), I still have time to make any final decisions on the dress or anything worn with it. But I am keeping the blue dress earmarked as a possibility and I might consult with my mom or someone else on it.

So, for all you ladies out there, married or not, did you get married in a dress that was NOT white, or would you consider it? Also, whether or not you married or would marry in white, if you opted out of having a veil or would not want a veil, what, if anything did/would you wear on your head instead?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Lottery Winner on Food Stamps?

It came to my attention today that someone who won $1 million in the lottery is on food stamps. Yet, she has two houses and a new car. She thought that it was okay for her to still be recieveing public assistance since she's unemployed, has two houses and bills to pay. As a result of cases like this, a Lawmaker wants to make it so that people who win over $1000 in the lottery are cut off from welfare.

I am not on welfare myself. Nor do I play the lottery. But if I did as much as she did, I don't think I would remain on welfare. (Surely the winnings would last me for a good while provided I'm not overly foolish about what I do with them.)  I'm also not employed, but I have attempted to obtain employment. (I would hope that she would have at least attempted to get employment.)  I cannot see myself "entitled" to welfare if I were to somehow obtain that kind of money, especially if there are people out there who need the welfare more than I do.

So what do you think? Do you think that a person who wins $1 million (or some other major amount) in the lottery ( or obtains it via other means) still deserves to recieve welfare? And do you think that there should be a law cutting lottery winners off from public assistance?

Belated Post on the End of the World That Wasn't

Two weeks from today will mark the five-month anniversary of when the world was supposedly supposed to end when it did not. I had thought that it may or may not happen.
What I remember about where I was on October 21, 2011 was that I did my volunteer work in the day and then spent the evening with my then boyfriend/now fiance. (And even if there had been no doubt that the world would end at that time, what better way to spend one's final days than with their loved ones, right?) When I woke up the next morning, the world was still going.

At no point in my life has it ever occured to me to try to predict when (or how for that matter) the world would end. Maybe it's because I'm often so busy with day-to-day type stuff. But hopefully, we won't have to worry about these types of scares ever again.

Really Need to Pay More Attention to Political Stuff

Before I begin, I would like to apologize for being MIA on this blog for as long as I have. (Unfortunately, the amount of time that has passed since I last updated this was not entirely justifiable.)
Anyway, I have badly slacked as far as paying attention to the news and the latest hot button issues, such as the conflict between Isreal and Iran is concerned. This is especially bad behavior on my part since I'm engaged to a guy who is entering the political scene this year, and I have to be prepared to answer to the media or anyone else on where I stand on anything political.

It may be that I will have to pay ultra-close attention to the news from here on out and/or study like crazy on the issues that I'm behind on my knowledge of. After all, I have to be able to take a stand on every single thing and not say that I don't have an opinion on xyz right? Otherwise, I might as well forfeit being registered to vote if I'm not going to be diligent enough to keep up to speed with the issues out there. But since my not being a registered voter would be an embarrassment to my fiance (not to mention it's not really a route I especially want to take), I'll just have to absorb every detail of every issue out there so that I can be prepared for when and if it comes up in conversation with someone else.   At least, that's the way it looks to me. Hopefully, I can get my behind in gear to do that.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Day until the [Supposed] End of the World

Today, I put in yet another job application (this time to a gas station that my boyfriend told me was currently hiring), released a book on the local college campus, and did some survey emails. If the world were to end tomorrow, then this will have been the last day to have done all of these things.
According to this particular site, the supposed time the world is such that I can expect it to end before my alarm goes off in the morning. (I try to get up at six.) If I wake up tomorrow, I might check the site tomorrow and see if it's still there and what has become of the timer.

If tomorrow comes and goes without the world ending, then everybody who swore by the October 21 prediction is going to look more foolish than they did back on May 21. I wonder what the explanation will be on Saturday.

My plans for tomorrow at this time consist of my usual volunteer work at a local thrift store in the day and seeing a movie with my boyfriend at night. If Saturday does come, I will likely be spending it with my boyfriend. (I've spent a lot of my Saturdays with him during these past couple of months.) Needless to say, if I update this blog at any point after tomorrow it will likely be Saturday night or later before I do.

That's where I'm at. What are your plans for tomorrow? And if Saturday does come, what do you plan to do then?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Days until the [Supposed] End of the World

This evening, I chatted with my boyfriend on Facebook for a while. If the prediction that the world will end on October 21 is to come true, then that will be the last time we chat on Facebook since he has another commitment tomorrow night and we will be spending time together on Friday night.
There is also a new South Park episode running as I type this. If the October 21 prediction were to come true, then this will the last episode of that show to ever run.

This was also one of my usual days of volunteer work at a local thrift store. Depending on what time the world is "supposed" to end, if the October 21 prediction comes true, then either today or Friday will be the last day I work there.

That's where I'm at with that. There are only a couple of days to vote on the poll if you have not already.